| Jun 22, 2006

Feature Article - June 22, 2006

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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

SilverLake recycler presents award

On June 15, David Yerxa presented a Recycling Award Plaque to Helen Jarvis, the principal of Clifford Bowie School in Ottawa as part of the yearly graduation ceremonies. Clifford Bowie School specializes in Special Education in the Ottawa Carleton School System and has developed over many years a recycling training program for the students. The proceeds of the recycling program are used to procure special equipment to assist the students in the school.

The award, which recognizes the efforts of the staff and students throughout the program, will be presented annually to the student who is instrumental in furthering recycling in the school.


David Yerxa, who now lives on Silver Lake in Central Frontenac, was accompanied by his parents and Lillian Barker Godfrey and Vince Savoie of North Frontenac Community Living. David is very active in recycling in the Sharbot Lake area.

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