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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

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Feature Article - June 22, 2006

Cloyne Pioneer Museum opening for season by Karyl Waldie Steinpatz

Dust and chips were flying last week as the members of the Cloyne and District Historical Society readied the Pioneer Museum inside and out for its summer season. Bravely taking a peek inside, and standing well back out of harm’s way, one saw dustcloths and brooms brandished, boxes carried, mannequins dressed, and best of all, priceless artifacts placed lovingly on shelves, on walls, and on anything else that would hold them. Gosh, even the extension to this museum, built only four years ago, is full! Outside, the chinks in the log walls were being seen to, and old bark stripped off.


Every year the Historical Society hosts special displays of privately-held collections in its Pioneer Museum . This year’s opener is an outstanding display of antique clocks―just part of the collection owned by Hans Steinpatz of Verona , who specializes in clock repair and restoration. This interesting and intriguing collection will be on display until July 31, and from time to time the owner will be on site to answer questions on their intricate workings and the provenance of each timepiece.

Flower gardens are flourishing too, in front of and beside the museum. The park has been neatly mowed and some new trees planted to replace those taken by the microburst which decimated the ancient pines a few years ago; so finally the grounds all around the museum are looking healthy.

This year, opening day is slated for Saturday, June 24 at 11am, and will feature a delicious barbecue served up with a smile by members of the Historical Society. Free tours of the museum are offered.

In addition to the barbecue and museum tours, there will be a very special treat in the form of an address by the dual-titled personage known to the Goulbourn Historical Society in Stittsville as The Duke of Richmond and The Earl of Lennox. Arriving in full dress regalia, the Duke will explain his part in the rich and glorious history and settlement of Ontario . Although this is a serious presentation with every detail historically correct, the Duke (Robin Derrick) is also known for his sense of humour. The C&DHS invites everyone to this special presentation. Try not to miss it!

To arrive at the Cloyne Pioneer Museum, motor north on Hwy 41 from Kaladar, traverse the village of Northbrook, arrive in Cloyne five minutes later, and just stop where you see all the people and cars gathered―right across from the village post office.

Saturday, June 24, 11am. Everybody welcome! See you there!

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