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Feature Article - June 8, 2006

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Feature Article - June 8, 2006

Sydenham HighSchool students entered in National FilmFestival


Two films produced by Grade 12 Sydenham High School students have been accepted into the Hot Shots film festival in Alberta ! 'Jerks', a short film by Nick Ryckman from Verona , and 'Toronto Metro Jam 06', by Mitch Henderson from Tichborne, have been announced as finalists in their respective categories. “Jerks” is a lighthearted comedy where we watch a sarcastic unfulfilled video store employee berate modern film making and customers. “Jerks” was written, directed and stars Nick Ryckman along with Chris Onysko, Charles Renaud and Robbie McDiarmid. It is a 3-minute homage to Kevin Smith's “Clerks”. 'Toronto Metro Jam 06' runs under 60 seconds and is a hip X-games style BMX video set to a rocking soundtrack, filmed and produced by Mitch Henderson. The films were produced as curriculum related work in 2006 as part of Communication Technology Courses at Sydenham High School , a program available to grades 11 and 12 students. Scott Cronkright and Pam Simon run the program, with Scott heading up video production and Pam leading script writing. Both have had professional experience in their respective fields, and see up to 200 grade kids per year go through this program. The school is equipped with digital filming equipment, and all special effects and editing are done on computer. The end result is presented on DVD.

The Hot Shots film festival runs June 28 & 29 in Edmonton and Calgary . Sydenham's student films will both be shown in Edmonton on the 28th. This film festival, geared directly toward high school students across Canada , boasts several high-profile sponsors including Adobe, Milk, and Citytv.

In addition to having their films seen in a full movie theater environment and on the internet, the festival offers young film makers the chance to really 'hit the big time' with the HSfilmfest winners films being forwarded to the Edmonton and/or Calgary International Film Festivals. “This opportunity lets students see that the films they are creating are just as valid as those created by people who have done this for 20 years,” says Communication Technology teacher, Scott Cronkright.

More info regarding the festival can be obtained at www.HSfilmfest.com

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