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Feature Article - June 8, 2006

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Feature Article - June 8, 2006

Household HazardousWasteDay exceeds all expectations: South FrontenacCouncil Report

by WilmaKenny

As the paint cans piled up – 8,000 gallons of it – someone asked, "Has it never occurred to anyone to try spreading the stuff on walls?" 304 carloads of household hazardous waste were processed on Saturday at hazardous waste disposal say at the South Frontenac township garage at Keeley road, and many more were turned away when it became apparent that they could not be served within the time allotted by the one-day permit.


As it was, most who got in had waited for hours in the rain. Councillors Roos and Vandewal worked as volunteers all day at the depot, along with Paul Wash, a community member of the Sustainability Committee, which had encouraged Council to hold the event. Several members of Council had originally opposed setting up a HHW Day, on the grounds that very few would come. Now they are considering another day, perhaps in August, for the many people this event could not accommodate. Councillor Roos, Chair of the Sustainability Committee said the quantity and apparent age of the materials seemed to suggest that many people had been stockpiling their hazardous waste, instead of dumping it in the garbage, as had been feared. Cost to the Township of the one-day ‘event’ will be between $15,000 & $17,000.

Environmental Studies Report called "Below Average and of Poor Quality"

On behalf of the Sydenham Safe Water Association, David Waugh presented Council with a list of questions, asking for a written reply before the public meeting on the water rates. Several of these questions refer to recommendations in the province’s Watertight Report. Waugh acknowledged that the provincial report, which states that in order to be financially sustainable and adequately monitored, water plants should be installed only in areas with a minimum of 10,000 customers, had been published after the township was already part way through the process of constructing the Sydenham system. However, he asked if Council would be following the report’s recommendations that: a) a separate set of books be kept for the water system, b)a business plan for the water system be published, and c) a management board with 2/3 of its members from private life be set up to govern the water system. He also stated that the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario had reviewed Totten Sims and Hubicki’s environmental report (used to justify and design the Sydenham Water system), and had called it "below average and of poor quality," and asked if the township would be looking for a refund of all or a portion of the fees paid for this report. Mayor Lake asked if he had this review in writing, and Waugh said he did. Council accepted the list of questions, but made no further comment.

Frontenac County’s Economic Development Plan

Dianna Bratina, Manager of Economic Development for the County of Frontenac presented a brief overview of her report on the economy of the County, and a three-year action plan to promote economic development in the Frontenacs. More on this detailed and thought-provoking analysis at a later date.

$12,000 for a Camera?

Marvin Green, of South Frontenac Fire & Rescue, in anticipation of such a question, demonstrated the new thermal imaging camera purchased by the Perth Road Fireman’s Association. It will help prevent rekindling of both bush and house fires by detecting hot spots, and could be used to locate missing persons.

Sydenham’s New Water Tower Proves Useful

Council approved an agreement with Reztel Communications Wireless Broadband for the installment of wireless equipment on the Sydenham Water Tower for $200/month. This revenue will go toward maintenance of the water system.

OMB Appeals

Two recent appeals to the OMB concerning Committee of Adjustment decisions have been withdrawn, and a third resolved through negotiation.

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