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Feature Article - March 16, 2006

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Feature Article - July 27, 2006

Public meeting on ATV bylaw

by Jeff Green

A public meeting has been called for Wednesday, September 13th for residents of Central Frontenac to express their opinions concerning whether ATVs should be allowed to travel on public roads in Central Frontenac.

Last month, the Frontenac ATV Club made an appearance at Central Frontenac Council and urged the township to consider following the lead of North and South Frontenac in making the vehicles legal on public roads, provided they are approved single-seat three wheeled ATVs driven by licensed, helmeted drivers.

A staff report to council presented at this week’s meeting recommended that ATVs not be permitted on Road 38 or within villages and hamlets.

The report pointed out that the reconstruction of Road 38 will mean an increase in the paved width of the road and that “guiderail locations are within 1.4 metres of pavement edge, which would force these vehicles onto the paved shoulder in an erratic fashion.”


In recommending the prohibition within hamlets and villages, the report noted that the loudness of ATVs “may be in contravention of noise bylaw #1999-53”

Staff was prepared to prepare an ATV Bylaw for council’s consideration with these two prohibitions.

Council did not agree, however.

“It would be highly unsuitable to prepare a bylaw without a public meeting being held to air all concerns about this. I have received many calls in the past month about this, and just about everyone who has called me is against it,” said Councilor Logan Murray.

Several other councillors agreed that a public meeting should be held before a bylaw is proposed, and the meeting date was set.

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