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Feature Article - September 28, 2006

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Feature Article - September 28, 2006

TheNorthFrontenac FoodBank

The North Frontenac Food Bank is a small food bank organized by a committee of community volunteers. It has no formal building or hours for public access. To contact the food bank, you may leave a message at Northern Frontenac Community Services at 613-279-3151 or Fax referrals to 613-279-2565.

The North Frontenac Food Bank Committee operates totally independently from NFCS and, except for a small grant under a federal program for children, is not associated with any provincial or federal agency; nor is it affiliated with any religious or church organization.


The food bank depends on donations of food and money from the community to provide food baskets to people who need one. We realize that there are times when people need extra assistance, which is why we volunteer on the food bank committee. However, because we have limited resources, it is necessary to have certain policies in place: referrals should be made by a social worker, doctor, minister, or other advocate, whenever possible; a financial criteria is in place which must be met; only one food basket will be given in a month; the food bank should not be used every month for an indefinite period of time; it is for emergency situations only, so should not be used to subsidize a monthly budget.

The food bank reserves the right to refuse anyone a food basket if it becomes apparent that its assistance is being used every month. On the other hand, we would not be volunteers in this role if we did not want to help people when necessary.

- North Frontenac Food Bank Committee

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