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Feature Article - September 7, 2006

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Feature Article - September 7, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Re: Burglarized again

I find it strange for the District 4 Recreation Committee to take the stand they have, for something they could have prevented. What happened to the old adage, “Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. They should have removed the chocolate bars from the premises after the second robbery, but to allow no less than SIX robberies to occur seems foolish.

Scott Cox

Re: South Frontenac to explore K&P trail option

In the August 31 Frontenac News, Mayor Lake didn’t see the trail issue coming back to the council table right now. A week later, as reported in the September 7 News, council passes a resolution to explore the purchase of said trail. Are we wishy-washy or what?


Let’s do a reality check: South Frontenac cannot provide a continuous trail link within its boundary, let alone a link to the Trans Canada Trail. Central Frontenac Township , which is not interested in abandoned rail line purchase (Sept.7 News), prevents this from happening.

If Kingston is going to develop a non-motorized trail, is South Frontenac planning the same? Shall we take a walk on the K&P trail to the Cataraqui or Trans Canada Trail?

The suggested trail is redundant. Recreational vehicles are allowed on township roads. This provides links with the Cataraqui trail, and all township borders.

If Bell did not respond to a motion of interest in 2004, why would it be expected now?

It is good to see two members of council have the common sense to vote against this.

Councilor Robinson speaks with wisdom on this issue. Let’s listen.

Bedford district should consider directing their reserve for road improvement for recreational vehicle travel.

Did the village of Sydenham have “Water Scam”? Will this be “Trail Scam”?

- Robert Fish

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