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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

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Feature Article - November 16, 2006

Lions News

by Paul Cherrie

The Sharbot Lake & District Lions Club has been around since 1951 doing quietly what service clubs do. This club activity report is intended to provide information, interest and support for our club programs.

Twice a year club members participate in the Adopt A Highway program. Members gather at the "Hotel" prior to venturing out to see who can gather the most junk along County Road 38. At the end of the morning and after many bags of litter have been gathered, we all feel that we have contributed in a small way to making this a better place.

In June of each year we hold a Gas-0-Rama. For two days, working four hour shifts, club members pump gas and clean car windows. With a portion of the proceeds donated by Bob Basra (owner of the Petro Can Centre) and donations from the public, this event is very rewarding and well received in the community.


In co-operation with the Canadian Blood Services, club members distribute advertising posters and set up notice boards advising the public of the date and time of this important event. We also do some set-up and take-down services together with attending to the needs of the donors’ drink and food requirements.

Club members in co-operation with area schools organize a vision screening program for senior kindergarten and grade one pupils. Vision screening equipment has been purchased by this and other clubs which can provide an early detection of potential sight problems.

This year our club celebrated the 30th anniversary of our Seniors Night where we honour our seniors with a night of fun, music and other entertainment. Bus service is provided for the outlying area residents and at the end of the evening, sandwiches, cake and drinks are provided.

While the above represents some of our major recent activities, we do manage to have some fun for our members through internal funding. These activities include Ladies’ Night, President's Barbecue and a Christmas get-together.

We hope that the above information provides a useful insight into our club activities. Details of other activities such as the Santa Parade, School Bursaries, etc. will be included in our next report.

For additional information about The Sharbot Lake & District Lions Club and any interest in membership, please call 613-279-2970.

- Paul Cherrie, president

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