| Jan 27, 2005

Feature Article January 27, 2005

Feature article January 27, 2005

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Truly a community effort - Snow Road Fire Hall expands

By Jule Koch Brison

Eleven years ago, volunteers built the Snow Road Fire Hall #2, and many of the materials for the construction were donated by the community.

In October 2004, work started on an addition that doubled the size of the fire hall, bringing it up to 3600 sq. ft. Once again, it was built by the volunteer firefighters and generous community donations.

Most of the volunteers worked every weekend to complete the addition, which was finally closed in in December. It was a lot to ask of the guys, said Deputy Fire Chief Steve Riddell. They worked all week and then came home and worked on the hall.

In addition to their donated labour, the Volunteer Firemens Association is also contributing $8,000 to the cost of the addition. North Frontenac Township is contributing $25,000.


Gemmills Sand and Gravel donated trucks, bulldozers and backhoes; Crains Construction donated the gravel. Bill Raeburn of Riverbend Electrical donated the electrical services; and the Snow Road F.L.A.G.S. worked for years raising funds. Jody Sweeney supervised the construction and Ron Gilchrist moved the big doors out and rehung them. Maurice Boehler laid the blocks.

Some individuals received some remuneration for their work, but it was nothing compared to the work they put in, says Steve Riddell.

There is still some work to be done on Fire Hall #2. A cement floor will be poured in the spring, but for now the firemen are very pleased to have all the emergency vehicles and equipment under cover in a heated building. The addition also gives them the space they need for training.

Up until Fire Hall #2 was built, the Mississippi, Snow Road and Robertsville areas were served by the Ompah Fire hall, which is a considerable distance away. To date, from the beginning of its construction 11 years ago, Fire Hall #2 has only cost taxpayers $75,000, thanks to the dedication and generosity of the community it serves.

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