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Feature article, March 17, 2005

Feature article March 17 2005

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Soaring On the Court

By Zannah Matson

The students at Sydenham High School have some accomplishments to celebrate to get them out of the winter blahs; especially some recent athletic wins by the many sports teams that add another aspect to high school life.

The most recent win by the girls was at the Eastern Ontario Championships that were played out in the Sydenham gym. The game was won in a quick, efficient manner, with the first three sets going to Sydenham. Mackenzie Secondary School, the team that they were competing against had come two hours to play this game, but the perfect record of the Sydenham girls prevailed into this game as well.


There was an overwhelming amount of support from the student body, with about 150 people coming out to cheer. In the traditional fashion, there was a drum line composed of several different percussion instruments, mainly metal garbage cans and pieces of wood. The energetic fans were able to watch this exciting victory from the comfort of the new bleachers that Sydenham just purchased using money that the students council has been saving for such an endeavor.

The school is excelling in other sports as well, with an excellent performance by Jack Kent and Andrew Davison on the badminton court with their recent goal medal accomplishment at an LCVI tournament. They were competing as a doubles team against the Kingston area teams.

Tara Harvey, a member of the girls volleyball team, has summed up the general atmosphere of the school: I am very proud to be a Sydenham Eagle.

Leading Style

The best place to see the new trends for spring was at the annual Sydenham High School Fashion Show!

This year there were several featured events incorporated into the traditional fashion show that made the event extremely interesting.

The theme of this years fashion show was Jet Set Fashion, and it had skits sprinkled throughout that were inspired by the television show The Amazing Race, and involved several of the drama club members. These themes progressed through the night, and eventually turned into a dancing competition. Andrew Herrington took center stage for this, as he preformed a Napoleon Dynamite act that was both courageous and entertaining. Danielle Doggett, a spectator deemed this act the highlight of the night, and many others agreed.

There was excellent turnout this year to see the show that progressed flawlessly through the evening, and featured clothing of all styles, from hiking to formal wear. Every set was choreographed to music that was artfully linked to the overall theme.

As Kendra Laily put the evening, it was a really good show that anyone can be in, regardless of experience or age. That epitomizes the overall concept behind a fashion show, to incorporate as many people as possible from as many interest groups as possible. It is definitely a time when everyone, from the tech crew, to the models can work toward a common goal and succeed as a group.

The staff also deserves to be commended for giving up their lunch hours and weekend to make the event a success and to motivate the students. With such a large group of students, and such a grand event, it is difficult to organize and manage, but they excelled in all aspects, and the results were visible and well worth the effort.

The clothing that was used came from stores across Kingston, and their contribution was definitely one of the most important aspects of the night that showcased a broad array of styles and cuts that will be seen as the snow melts and spring attire becomes more seasonable.

The spectacle was fun for all of the people that attended, and gave many hope that spring is just around the corner.

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