| Apr 07, 2005

Feature article, April 7, 2005

Feature article April 7, 2005

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South Frontenac Township Opens Roads to ATVs. by Wilma Kenny

As of April 5, 2005, All Terrain Vehicles may drive on all public roads in South Frontenac as long as the operator wears a helmet, has appropriate licensing and insurance for himself and his vehicle, and drives on the right hand side of the road.

Susan OBrien-MacTaggart, speaking on behalf of Bobs & Crow Lake Association expressed concern about opening all township roads to ATV use, and recommended setting up a community committee which could work towards establishing an ATV trail system in the township. She expressed disappointment at Councils failure to acknowledge her Associations previous letters and attempts to communicate with them.

John Williamson, speaking as an individual and as Chair of the Frontenac County Federation of Agriculture, and Chair of the Police Services Board, spoke of his concerns about ATV trespassing on farmland, and the additional policing costs that could result from the proposed by-law.


Councillor David Hahn pointed out that township staff (CAO, and both the present and previous Public Works Managers) have advised the Township not proceed until liability concerns have been addressed. The townships insurance company has provided conflicting comments, and the township has nothing in writing from them. Requests from several cottage associations for a second public meeting have been ignored on the grounds that they missed their chance last fall. Councillor Hahn proposed the by-law be postponed and a task force be set up to try to arrive at a community solution, which could include working toward developing an ATV off-road trail system, using township roads where they were necessary to link parts of the trails. This was defeated.

Councillor Stowe moved an amendment which would allow ATV use during daylight hours only, limited to those roads with adequate shoulder space, and not in winter because of road narrowing caused by snowbanks. When asked whether it was necessary to vote on these amendments, Mayor Lake said a vote would be necessary "this time", adding, "Last time somebody was smart enough to call for the (final) vote (on the by-law)." Stowes amendment was defeated.

The ATV by-law passed with Councillors Hahn, Roos and Stowe opposed.

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