| May 05, 2005

Feature article,May 5, 2005

Feature article May 5, 2005

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Dick Hook resigns from North Frontenac Council

by Jeff Green

A little over one year after contracting a still undiagnosed illness that has seriously affected his health, Councillor Dick Hook of Barrie district has tendered his resignation from North Frontenac Council, and a replacement will be appointed later this spring.

Hook was away from Council throughout the spring and into late summer, but returned for several months. He has been away from Council for the past couple of months.

Councillor Dave Smith, a friend and colleague of Dick Hook who has served with him on several major committees in previous Councils, such as roads and waste management, described Dick Hook as the dean of North Frontenac Councillors.


Dick Hook served for at least two terms on Barrie Council before North Frontenac was established in 1998, and he was involved as a member of the transition team that helped determine the makeup of the amalgamated township. He was elected to North Frontenac Council from Barrie ward three times, in 1997, 2000, and by acclamation in 2003.

Since the election in 2003, Dick Hook has been joined as Barrie Councillor by rookie Councillor Will Cybulski, and the two often drove together to various meetings.

I certainly appreciate the conversations that we had driving to and from meetings, Cybulski recalls, Dick knew a lot of the background to issues that were coming forward, and that saved a lot of trouble for me.

Dave Smith first began working with Dick Hook on the 911 committee, and that was a ton of work over five years, he said. Every household was visited about five times, and there are a lot of properties in Dicks ward.

Dick Hook has been involved in waste management issues for several years, and has pushed for alternative waste solutions, including the possibility of a jointly owned incinerator with Addington Highlands that is still being pursued by both Councils.

North Frontenac Mayor Ron Maguire said Dick ha always had an eye on economy, which I very much appreciate.

At Council Dick Hook has always had strong opinions, which were not always shared by other Councillors, and he displayed a sharp wit as well.

North Frontenac Township is seeking applicants to replace Dick Hook on Council (see ad on page 13). Preference will be given to applicants from Barrie Ward.

The Municipal act gives us the option of making an appointment or holding a by-election, the latter being expensive. We chose to make an appointment, Ron Maguire said.

During the previous Council, Walter Wilson, a counsellor from Palmerston/Canonto, died while in office, and Dave Smith, who had placed behind Wilson in the election for that council, was appointed as his replacement.

In this case, there was no election in Barrie ward, as both Dick Hook and Will Cybulski were acclaimed, so it is expected that a member of the community at large will be appointed. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the township office at 479-2231.

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