| May 05, 2005

Feature article,May 5, 2005

Feature article May 5, 2005

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Addington Highlands to approve budget on May 16

by Jeff Green

Addington Highlands Council met on April 18 and on April 2 to discuss the 2005 budget, and deliberations have progressed to the point where Clerk Jack Pauhl can put together the budget for 2005.

The tax rate for the County portion of the tax bill for Addington Highlands ratepayers will be increasing by 10.2% as a result of the approval of the County budget estimates on April 27.

Two thirds of the County tax increase is directly attributable to the growing cost of services transferred from the Province, stated County Warden Clayton McEwen. Even though the two Counties have different structures and scopes, The Lennox and Addington County increase was in line with a 10% increase brought in earlier this year by Frontenac County.


The county levy accounts for about 1/3 of the tax bill, about 1/3 is taken up by the education levy (which will not be increasing in 2005) and the township budget accounts for approximately 1/3 as well.

While Clerk/Treasurer Pauhl did not know what the final tax rate for Addington Highlands was going to be when asked on Monday, just an hour after the budget meeting ended, Reeve Hook did say there would be an increase but it will be minor, only a very few percentage points.

Individual property taxes are determined by the composite tax rate, which is affected by the County, township, and education rates, multiplied by the value of properties as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. For 2005, most properties in Ontario have been given the same assessment valuations as they had in 2004. The only exceptions are new properties or those that have undergone renovations.

Council supports Petition - In accordance with a request from a business owner at the recent Business Breakfast, Council decided to begin circulating a petition for the implementation of cell phone service from Bell, Rogers or Telus. The petition will be circulated throughout the township, and Reeve Hook said he had received a positive response when he approached Bruce Bateman, the superintendent of Bon Echo Park, about circulating the petitions at the Park, although he said he will have to check with his superiors before going ahead Hook informed Council.

There is also a lack of cell phone service in North Frontenac and AH Council will approach North Frontenac Council about circulating the petition as well.

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