| May 19, 2005

Feature article, May 19, 2005

Feature article May 19, 2005

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South Frontenac Council

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South Frontenac Council cleared the way for recycling pick-up in Loughborough and Portland districts with two resolutions Tuesday evening. One authorized the Sustainability Committee and the Public Works Manager to negotiate a contract with Percy Snider for collecting recycling. Snider was the low bidder in a recent tender call. The other approved purchase of blue boxes, bag tags, composting bins and information hand-outs to facilitate both recycling and household composting programs. In order to encourage recycling, the three districts with garbage collection will provide households with 100 bag tags each a year. Residents will be required to purchase more bag tags if needed. Loughborough and Portland households will be given one large blue box each, and may buy additional blue boxes. (Storrington already provides both garbage and blue box pick-up to its residents, and Bedford offers neither.) The Province requires the entire Township to encourage household composting through both education and provision of reasonably priced compost bins. To this end, Council has agreed to order 75 Earth Machine compost bins which will be offered for sale to residents on a first come, first serve basis. (The original committee recommendation had been for 200 bins, but several councillors feared there would be very little demand for them.) This particular bin is the one offered by the city of Kingston to its residents. It has a large capacity, good security against animals, is constructed of recycled plastic and includes an excellent information booklet. Interested residents can place their orders at the township office.

Council commended Terry Shea, of Land OLakes Tourism for their excellent area map and visitor guide, both of which are available throughout Frontenac and Lennox and Addington.

Judy Reynolds asked to see the by-law that made trailers illegal in Portland district. Councillor Hahn read out the relevant parts, and Councillor Smith suggested that Reynolds trailer, which was built in 1970, and was on the property when the Reynolds purchased it in 1994, might well have been placed on the property prior to 1979, when the anti-trailer by-law was enacted. If Reynolds can provide proof of this, her trailer would be considered a legal non-conforming use, and could stay, as long as she pays the required annual fee. Mayor Lake said Council has agreed to a temporary freeze on removing trailers, until they can review the by-law.

R&D Nelson General Maintenance of Sydenham was awarded a three-year contract to clean the Township building in the village.

Only councillor Barr was in favour of a resolution that would have approved Sunday deer hunting, although there was general agreement that the deer population was reaching nuisance levels. Most felt that it would be advisable to raise the number of deer which hunters would be allowed to kill, but no action was taken.

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