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Feature article, June 9, 2005, 2005

Feature article June 9, 2005

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Why a new fire hall should be built in Clarendon and Miller

Many opinions have been published about the reasons why a fire hall should not be built. Our statement is to enlighten people as to why it should be built.

The open letter to Mayor Maguire, (Frontenac News, June 2, 2005) re: the proposed new fire hall in Clarendon-Miller, prompted us to respond so that residents hear our side of the story.

The garage on Road 506 is not a fire hall. It was to be a temporary arrangement that has lasted 18 years. The site is unsafe and unsuitable for training; lacks adequate space; air quality is toxic which contaminates the emergency medical units contents. This puts people in need at even greater risk. Renovating the present location would be cost prohibitive and it would never meet post disaster requirements (i.e. ice storm, micro burst).


Council asked the task force to look at all options. The former MNR location was recommended because the Township owns this land (a savings to taxpayers) and it is central only 4.2 km/4 min. from current site. According to the area map prepared by the Ontario Fire Marshalls office, Plevna is the centre of the area to be serviced and presents the highest risk.

The proposed cost of $300,000 is approximately the value of two cottages. Our Association has already earmarked $100,000 towards a new fire hall. This is 1/3 of the proposed cost. The remainder could be financed over several years. Fundraising by the ladies has helped to contribute an additional $150,000 or more over the years - another tax savings.

Insurance companies have different criteria re: distances for fire protection. Residents are responsible to research this with their own companies.

We live in an area that is remote from hospitals; high risk for forest fires. Volunteers are the back bone of our community. We need to honour them by providing a safe place to train and a healthy environment.

Continued support from community is appreciated.

Volunteer Ladies Auxiliary

Clarendon-Miller Fire Station

Re: Paradise Lost: the sorry tale of Tom McCabe

I read with disgust the sorry situation of this CANADIAN Family (June 2, 2005). This family does not need our pity, but rather our help. How did this get to such state that the flunkeys of local government policy come about? Every time any Government gets on their high horse problems get out of hand... I can sit here and see that Mr.McCabe needs our support, needs our knowledge. Is there any person who wishes to make a change in this deplorable impasse??? I will loan my tools, generators etc. Plus the sum $1000.00 Cdn. Funds. Winter is coming; lets reason together, for if we dont we will reap the wild wind in the future. Call me at 333-2712.

John Miller

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