| Jun 09, 2005

Feature article, June 9, 2005, 2005

Feature article June 9, 2005

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Addington Highlands Council

by Jeff Green

Complaints from Cloyne

Two letters, with an attached petition, have been sent to Addington highlands Council about the condition of three front yards in the Cloyne area. The letters complain about the amount of junk in the yards, and the general upkeep of the yards. They also complain about sales out of the yards, which one letter described as a permanent yard sale. The second letter says one of the properties in question poses a fire hazard to neighbouring properties, including North Addington Education Centre. The letters ask Council to consider taking action, including insisting on a clean up; insisting on grass cutting; putting in a $5 permit for holding yard sales; and putting a limit on how many days a yard sale can last.

In reading out the letters during the open Council meeting, Reeve Hook avoided naming the locations, and the matter was left for further discussion during the in camera session at the end of the meeting.


Denbigh building to be burned

Councillor Bill Cox, in his relatively new role as Recreational Committee Chair, brought forward a proposal that a storage building at the Denbigh Ball field that has not been in use for many years, be emptied and then destroyed. The building is open at the back, and is full of junk that is just piled up in there. Its only a matter of time until someone gets in there and hurts themselves, Cox said. Council decided to flatten the building and then invite the fire department to conduct a controlled burn.

Trailer assessment on the way

A letter came to council from Cecilia Buelow of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). The letter says that a campground in southwestern Ontario has filed an application claiming that the assessment of trailers contravenes the assessment act.

The campground claims that there is no provincial legislation that permits assessment of trailers, and the assessment that is taking place is discriminatory because it only assesses trailers in privately owned campgrounds and not in provincial parks, parks owned by municipalities, the government of Canada, Conservation Authorities, and First Nations.

Nonetheless, writes Buelow, MPAC will continue to assess permanent trailers for the 2005 assessment update.

Eastern Ontario Economic Development Fund

Lanark-Carleton MPP Norm Stirling wrote to Council thanking it for supporting his private members Bill, #187, which calls for the development of an ongoing Eastern Ontario Economic Development Fund, similar to the existing $60 million annual Northern Ontario Heritage Fund. Stirling reports that the bill received second reading, where it was unanimously supported by the house, but said, Only the government has the authority to call the Bill for third and final reading. I encourage you to contact your MPP and all members of the Liberal Government who represent ridings in Eastern Ontario to ask them to lobby to have this bill brought to third reading as quickly as possible.

Students to be hired for clean up: Two students will be hired to clear tires and appliances off the sides of certain roads where they have accumulated within the township.

Business Directory: At the most recent Business Breakfast, it was proposed that a business directory be included in the newsletter that will accompany the final tax bill. The Directory has been created, but he procedure for coming up with businesses was not extensive. Business owners are encouraged to contact the township immediately to ensure they are listed.

Economic Development: Bill Brown of the Economic Development Committee made a short report, in which he said that the petition asking phone companies to put in cell phone towers is being circulated throughout Addington Highlands and in North Frontenac as well, and at Bon Echo Park. He also told Council that two applications have been sent in to the newest round of funding through the Federal Eastern Ontario Development Fund.

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