| Jul 21, 2005

Feature article, July 21, 2005

Feature article July 21, 2005

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The Abrams Brothers Back in Snow Road

by Meghan Balogh

The Abrams Brothers performed for a full house on Sunday, July 17 at the John Thomson Hall. Brian Abrams, father of the boys, shared that it was good to be back in Snow Road performing on their home stage.

Playing with the brothers were father Brian and grandfather Wayne Abrams, as well as Glen MacDonald on banjo, Bob Burtch on Mandolin, and Shawn Kellett on fiddle. These three prominent local musicians make up the band Clarendon Station, and have performed and recorded with the Abrams family in the past. Glen MacDonald teaches John and James the banjo, and Shawn Kellet a fiddle teacher from Kingston instructs them in their growing ability on the fiddle.

Another set of up-and-coming young musicians performed on the Doris James stage on Sunday. Katy Brouwer and Clair MacDonald, with grandfather Bill MacDonald, shared their talents on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and vocals.


John and James, ages 14 and 12, have had their share of musical exposure this year. Since February, the Abrams family has travelled to Tennessee, Nebraska, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York, not to mention various locations across Ontario and Quebec.

This year holds a lot of promising promotional opportunities for John and James. They have been selected as one group to play at the International Bluegrass Music Associations Business Conference, which will take place in Nashville, Tennessee. They have also purchased space on one of many CD releases entitled Prime Cuts of Bluegrass, a marketing tool for bluegrass musicians that will give them exposure to over 1000 radio stations around the world.

The Abrams Brothers have recently released their new CD entitled The Abrams BrothersCarrying On, put out by MasterShield Records. The CD features three generations of Abrams men: John and James, father Brian, and grandfather Wayne.

For more information on this dynamic young duo, or for upcoming performance locations, you can visit their website at: www.theabramsbrothers.com

Proceeds ferom the concert on Sunday will be donated to a swim program for disabled children called "Penguins CanFly,"based in Kingston and run by Vicki Keith, a marathon swimmer. TheAbrams Brothers had also performed on Saturday at a fundraiser for the program. For more information visit www.penguinscanfly.ca.

Next month's concert in Snow Road will be the 3rd annual DavidBrison Memorial concert, with the proceeds going to the Food Bank, and September's concert will benefit the Snow Road Community Hall.

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