| Jul 28, 2005

Feature article, July 28, 2005

Feature article July 28, 2005

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Ompah fire department gets one step closer to getting new boat, ATV

by Jeff Green

If the ancient Greek city of Troy had been administered by North Frontenac Council, its hard to imagine they would have been fooled by the Trojan Horse.

A proposal by the Ompah Fire department to spend $40,772, $36,000 of which had been donated to them at the dissolution of the Ompah Snowmobile Club, was brought to Council last month, and referred to the Emergency Services Committee for consideration.

The Emergency Services Committee met in mid July and heard from Ompah firefighters about the rescue boat and ATV they are planning to purchase with the money, and about the ice and water rescue equipment they are planning to purchase as well. The Firefighters also propose to build a garage to house the ATV and the rescue boat. In terms of finances, they have also committed to covering the $4,772 that the projects will cost over and above the $36,000 grant from the Snowmobile Club.


Ever cautious, Council still expressed concerns about the insurance and upkeep costs to the township that come with owning a rescue boat and an ATV, and about the ultimate cost and efficacy of ice water rescue training.

Since none of the items are terribly pressing, council deferred decision on the matters until their August meeting, at which time staff will report back on the insurance costs, and the Deputy Chief of the Sharbot Lake Fire Department will be invited to talk about the ice water rescue train the trainer program, which has been ongoing in Sharbot Lake for a few years.

Dock Task Force report One potentially complicated issue became more simple for North Frontenac Council, as a Dock Task Force, appointed a couple of months ago, has come to the conclusion that the township actually owns only one dock, the one at Tappins Bay on Mazinaw Lake. Docks on Shabomeka Lake, and Canonto and Palmerston Lakes, are not in fact the property of the township, but belong to other organizations. The Task Force then recommended to Council that the township maintain the one dock that they own, as required. Inspections are to take place each spring at ice-out to determine any damage or repairs.

The report was brought forward, but after a procedure ruling by the Mayor, a vote on acceptance of the report was deferred one week so all Councillors will have a chance to consider the findings of the Task Force.

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