| Jul 28, 2005

Letters to the Editor, July 28, 2005

Letters to theEditor July 28, 2005

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Re: Telephone Service

Now that the 911 service has been installed in the area and that North Frontenac Telephone Co. is responsible for service in the area, it is essential that service be provided to all.

On July 21 the phone service for a number of customers in the Shibley Road area was not available from about 5:30 pm to some time after 9:15 am on July 22, a period of about 16 hours.

As there is only a voice mail phone number I know that a message was placed on the system before 6:00 pm, stating that a number of lines in the area were in a problem.

As the charges are as high as Bell Canada, the service should be available within a reasonable time, two to four hours.

There was a problem in this area and the person was taken to Perth by car at midnight.

I hope that the phone company will monitor the voice mail circuit on a timely basis and take necessary action to the calls.


- William Riggs

Re: Sunday hunting

Deer population is no excuse for Sunday hunting according to Exodus 16. When Moses and Aaron took the congregation in to the wilderness the children of Israel murmured against them. The Lord told Moses He would rain bread from Heaven. God said the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, and that He would prove them whether they would walk in His law or not. It was on the sixth day that they were to prepare twice as much as they gathered daily. This left the seventh day to trest.

- Barbara Woodcock-Lessard

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