| Aug 18, 2005

Feature Article - August 18, 2005

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Feature Article

August 18, 2005

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Canada SummerGames:Emma Cronk comes home with gold

by Meghan Balogh

Emma Cronk and 11 teammates have returned from Regina, Saskatchewan, where they participated in the Canada Summer Games last week. The Ontario Juvenile Girls Basketball team competed against 6 other teams from across Canada: Newfoundland & Labrador, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Alberta. They were not disappointed: the team came home with gold medals.

“It was an amazing experience,” says Emma, 17. “I miss it so much. I didn’t want to leave.” Emma is a Parham resident who is a grade 11 student at Sydenham High School.


The Ontario team arrived in Regina on August 5, in time to begin their week with a game on Sunday August 7. They had games each day until the final game on Saturday, August 13.

Not long before the Games, the Ontario team travelled to Las Vegas to compete in a tournament, where an untimely accident left Emma with her finger dislocated in 2 places. The accident restricted her in Regina – “Five minutes at a time was enough,” she said in reference to competing while her finger was still in the healing process.

Emma’s parents Lyn and Leslie Cronk

travelled with her to provide support and to cheer her on. “Many of my teammates didn’t have anyone there with them,” Emma said. “It was great having my parents there.”

According to Emma, the competition was high calibre. But it was obviously no match for the Ontario team, who managed to keep their scores at least double – and often triple – the scores of the other teams.

However, the final game on August 13 proved to be more challenging.

Ontario led comfortably 50-28 at the half, but Alberta came back strongly in the second half. “Our team had 10 fouls called on them in the second half of the game,” said Leslie Cronk, “and the Alberta team had none.” The teams ended up tied and went into overtime, where Ontario went on to win the gold by 7 points.

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