| Oct 13, 2005

Feature Article - October 13, 2005

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Feature Article

October 13, 2005

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Sharbot Lake High School Commencement

by Jeff Green

Whose_christmasSLHSPrincipal Tom Taylor The students weren’t the only ones marking milestones at the commencement ceremony at Sharbot Lake High School last Thursday night. School Principal Tom Taylor is starting his seventh and final year at the school, unprecedented in this era of staff transfers within the Board. Also, for Board Superintendent Madeleine Tarasick it has been 30 years since her first commencement ceremony, at that point as a teacher at the school. Even the current School board Director, Ron Sharpe, recalled the early days of his administrative career when he was Principal of Sharbot Lake High School.

Tom Taylor, who described himself as a scrounger, presented each graduating student with a cell phone as they turned in their gowns, saying he hoped they would take the message that they should ‘keep in touch’ with the school as they enter into their new lives in the broader world.

Madeleine Tarasick talked to the students about friendship, citizenship, and stewardship, exhorting them to be part of the generation that makes the transition from environmental degradation to environmental rehabilitation.

Most of the graduates are either enrolled in College, University or apprenticeship programs, are working, or have returned to the High School for further courses.

After the students received their diplomas and awards, graduating student Erika Benn delivered a spirited valedictory address. She talked of the past and the future, and of this evening possibly being the last time that this group of people, who have been so integrated into each other’s lives, will ever gather together as a group.

In terms of what will be faced by this graduating class in the future, Erika Benn demonstrated a mature understanding of what young people face in the world.

“We are going to try and we are going to fail, and we are going to realise that life isn’t fair,” she said.

The trick will be for the members of this graduating class to carry on through the inevitable disappointments they will face and build successful lives for themselves.

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