| Sep 22, 2005

Feature Article - September 22, 2005

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Feature Article

September 22, 2005

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Addington Highlands Council report, September 20, 2005

by Jule Koch Brison

“Maybe we shouldn’t get into the delivery business,” commented Councillor Louise Scott in a discussion on winter sand/salt at Monday night’s council meeting in Denbigh.

Addington Highlands is trying to set up a procedure for commercial operators to get township sand, and the discussion centred on whether the township should deliver it or whether people should get it themselves.

If the township sets certain days and times for sand pickup, there wouldn’t be adequate provision for storms in between those times. Reeve Ken Hook said, “We couldn’t leave equipment there to service them all the time”.


On the other hand, if the township delivers the sand, there would be liability issues with township vehicles on private property, and the township would also be liable if salt leached into wells.

One suggestion by Councillor Bill Cox was that the sand/salt be delivered onto a tarp to prevent leaching.

In the end, Reeve Hook said that because of the liability questions, council should consult the township’s solicitor on the issue. Council agreed to defer its decision.

Truck GoneAfter Council approved an over-budget purchase of a newer 1 ton 4x4 truck to replace the wildfire truck that is used by the Kaladar/Barrie Fire Dept., it was no longer available. Clerk Jack Pauhl is confident they will find another one for the same price.

Lingham Lake DamAlthough it had not been budgeted for, Council agreed to pay a levy for $1875 to Quinte Conservation for repairing the Lingham Lake Dam. Council could have spread the payment over two years but decided to pay it all at once.

Fifth Concession Road PetitionAt the Roads Committee Meeting on Sept 9, Carl Hasler presented a petition for council to make the road passable for pickup trucks. In response, Reeve Hook made a motion recommending to council that the township bring the end of the road up to seasonally maintained road standards. Councillor Cox, however, wanted the motion to be changed to just do what the taxpayers have asked for – make the road passable for pickups, and not bring it back into the system as a maintained road.

Reeve Hook was not sure if the bylaw would allow that, and commented, “So you’re suggesting we do maintenance on an un-maintained road?” to which Councillor Cox replied, “I suggest we please the taxpayers but not spend too much money.” Deputy Reeve Lorraine Berger agreed. “We don’t want to set a precedent.”

Council deferred making a decision until they could check into the relevant bylaw.

Business BreakfastAnother Business Breakfast will be held on September 28, 8am at the Kaladar Recreation Center. The topic for discussion will be Financing Your Business. The guest speakers will be Mike Wilson from The Bank of Montreal and Craig Desjardin of PELA/CFDC.Tickets are $6 each.

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