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Feature Article - September 29, 2005

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Property owners association critiques township operations: North Frontenac Council, September 22, 2005

by Jeff Green

Whose_christmasCor Bakelaar Presentation to Cor Bakelaar – After 13 months as Fire Chief for North Frontenac, Cor Bakelaar received a thank you from the township for his services as Fire Chief at a Council meeting last week. Steve Riddell has taken on the Fire Chief’s duties.

Mazinaw Property Owners talk budget - A delegation from the Mazinaw Property Owners’ Association (MPOA) presented a comparative analysis of the spending and budgeting patterns for North Frontenac and Addington Highlands to the regular meeting of North Frontenac Council in Plevna last week.

Doug Pierce from the Association told Council that since Mazinaw Lake traverses both townships, the Association is interested in the budgeting practices of both.

“There is no relationship between municipal services provided to seasonal property owners and their taxes and we create no demand on the school system,” Pierce pointed out before making his comments on the North Frontenac budget.

While he complimented the township for some of its budgeting practices, and noted Mayor Maguire’s role in keeping the Frontenac County budget increase to a minimum, Pierce then said the 2004 budget process in North Frontenac lacked stakeholder input.

“Interested ratepayers and major stakeholders should have an opportunity to comment and voice opinions at the preliminary stages of priority setting,” he said.

He also noted that administrative spending has been increasing in North Frontenac, and is much higher than it is in Addington Highlands.

Township Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer Cheryl Robson said she would have to see more information before she could respond to some of the numbers that Doug Pierce had provided, such as the claim that administrative costs have increased 136% over four years. Robson said that didn’t correspond to any figures of which she was aware. She invited the MPOA to contact her to go over the numbers together.

Mayor Maguire thanked the MPOA for their presentation and the co-operative tone of their engagement with Council. The rest of the Councillors in attendance did not respond.

In 2005, the tax rate in North Frontenac was $1,406 for every $100,000 of assessment, while in Addington Highlands the rate was $1,492.

No dome for Clar/Mil rink – At the previous Council Meeting, Councillor Betty Hunter was given the authority to prepare a grant application to the Bell Sports Fund for $25,000 towards a roof over the Clar/Mill rink. However, Hunter reported that she had determined, with the help of Rick Kellar of Lookout Home Hardware, that the project would cost in excess of $100,000. With no prospects to raise the extra $75,000 that would be required if the grant were awarded, Hunter decided to forego the grant application.

Waste Diversion task force – Having received a grant for a feasibility study for a thermal processing plant (incinerator) for North Frontenac and Addington Highlands, a task force with representation from both townships has been struck. It will include Bud Clayton from NF Council, Reeve Ken Hook from AH, Elinor Duncan and a representative from Bon Echo Park.

Frontenac Shores/Twin Pines – Twin Pines Resort on Mississagagon Lake is planning to develop an innovative resort, that will involve building well- appointed cabins that are to be used for a few weeks each summer by several owners, in an arrangement that is similar to time share agreements.

In accordance with a report from the township’s planner, Council passed a resolution stating that the plan put forward by Twin Pines is a good plan, but that four conditions must be met before final approval can be granted. The conditions deal with landscaping, a road plan, an environmental assessment, and a storm water management plan.

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