| Sep 29, 2005

Feature Article - September 29, 2005

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Feature Article

September 29, 2005

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Monarch Butterflies at Hinchinbrooke

by Jule Koch Brison

Whose_christmas(click image for larger view) “Hasta la vista,” students at Hinchinbrooke Public School called to their beloved Monarch butterflies, as one by one they were released into the skies on Tuesday, to begin their 4000 km. migration to Mexico.

Since the beginning of the school year students in Ms. Sparrow’s grade 2/3, Mrs. Girard’s grade 3/4 and Mr. Siegwart’s grade 5/6 classes have been raising Monarch butterflies in rearing tents in their classrooms. Some of the butterflies emerged from caterpillars that the children found and brought in themselves. The butterflies have been tagged so researchers can track their flights and the students are hoping that they will have news of them on the Monarch Watch.

Barb Girard attended a special teachers’ training course on the Monarch Watch Program in the summer. She says raising the butterflies has been a very special project about a magical journey, and a wonderful learning experience for the students.

(click image for larger view)

The rest of the Hinchinbrooke students had a chance to participate by releasing butterflies or watching the feeding of the butterflies.

In the spring the classes will join in a program on the Internet called Journey North to track the return of the great grandchildren of the Monarch they have just released.

For more information readers can visit the Monarch Teacher Network or go to www.MonarchWatch.org to track the flight of the butterflies.

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