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Feature Article - September 8, 2005

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Feature Article

September 8, 2005

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Whatprice,COMRIF? Addington Highlands Council asks

by Jeff Green

This past winter, Addington Highlands submitted an application to COMRIF (the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund) for 2/3 funding support for a reconstruction project at the Skootamatta Lake Road/Hughes Landing intersection. The funding proposal was rejected in round one of the funding program and Addington Highlands is considering resubmitting the application for round 2 of COMRIF later this month.

However, after receiving correspondence from David Behm, an Engineer with Tottenham Sims Hubicki, who prepared the first application, Council is reconsidering that decision.


Behm wrote that it would cost a further $21,000 to prepare an application for Intake 2, because this time a preliminary design for the road construction is required. As well, Behm suggests that the township should undertake a legal survey to define existing right of way limits in the area of the road.

“Is there any way we can find out what our chances are of getting the funding before we commit to this?” asked Councillor Bill Cox. “It’s like we are putting the money into a black hole.”

“Maybe David Behm has some idea whether we have a reasonable chance of getting the funding,” suggested Roads superintendent Royce Rosenblath.

Council decided to defer making a decision on submitting the application and paying the engineering fee until the roads committee meets later this week. In the meantime, clerk Jack Pauhl will attempt to contact David Behm and see if he has any information to offer on the matters raised at Council.

Jamboree – Organizers of the first Flinton Country Bluegrass Jamboree, held this past August long weekend, are gung ho to build on the inaugural event’s success in 2006, and have asked the township for the use of the Flinton Hall and adjoining lands next August 4-6. Council agreed.

Sand shed almost completed – Royce Rosenblath reported that construction of a new sand shed should be completed by the end of September. He also reported that a contractor said it would be possible to put a door on the shed for a cost of $8,000 as part of the construction project. Understanding that the cost of a door is not included in the budget for the project, he said that he would accept payment for the door in 2006. Council decided to have the door installed and have the cost included in the roads budget for 2006.

Business Breakfast planned for September 28 – Bill Brown, chair of the AH Economic Development Committee, said the next business breakfast is being planned, and the location will be announced by the end of the week.

- He also reported to Council that Hollee Kew has resigned as Manager for Economic Development for the County of Lennox and Addington and will be replaced shortly. Hollee Kew has taken a job with the provincial government.

- The petition being circulated concerning the need for cell phone service will be gathered up from area businesses after Thanksgiving Weekend and submitted to the two cell phone service providers.

- Bill Brown also reported there are a couple of developers that are considering the resort development proposal that the Economic Development Committee has been promoting for the past couple of years.

Wildfire truck over budget – Fire Chief Casey Cuddy reported that he has been looking for quotes from dealerships from Belleville to Perth for a 2004 or newer 1 ton 4 x 4 pickup truck to replace the aging wildfire truck that is used by the joint Kaladar/Barrie Fire Department. The only quote he received came from A&B Ford of Perth for $36,000 (plus GST, PST and all license fees) for a 2004 truck with 35,000 km. on it. This is over the $35,000 budgeted, but Cuddy said some of the provincial grant money that came this past spring for equipment and training can be used for the extra cost. He recommended that Council approve the expenditure pending an inspection of the vehicle by Cuddy. Council agreed.

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