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Feature Article - September 8, 2005

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Feature Article

September 8, 2005

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University of Guelph Swim Team Camp at Crow Lake

submitted by Joe Slater

Woes_innkeepers_wife(click image for larger view) Twenty members of the University of Guelph Gryphons Swim Team participated in a pre-season swim training camp under the direction of their coach Jeff Slater. They set up 10 tents on the lawn of Jeff’s dad’s home in the last of Katrina’s rain on Wednesday afternoon. To get started they swam the width of Crow Lake, some 800 meters. They finished the afternoon by hiking the Sandi Slater Memorial Trail on the east side of Bass Lake in the Meisel Woods Conservation Area.

Thursday morning the team swam to the municipal dock in Crow Lake, some 2000 meters and then ran back to their campground. Thursday afternoon this energetic workforce cleared the site of the Memorial Trail footbridge at the outlet of Bass Lake of fallen trees and debris. This was followed by the stockpiling of 5 tonnes of stone that will be going into the two timber footbridge cribs. Special thanks are due to Jacqueline Charlebois and Jeff Hamilton for loaning their trucks to make the transportation of these stones possible. Needless to say everyone slept well that night.

On Friday morning the team swam the width of the lake twice, initially at a relaxed pace and then finishing with a hard workout. All team members enjoyed the camp and take away fond memories of this wonderful area, the camaraderie of training outdoors together as well as their hard work of the trail and especially the wonderful meals which they shared. The local folks of the village were amazed to witness so many speedy swimmers in their lake at one time.

On Friday afternoon the team departed for Guelph to get registered for another university year.

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