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Feature Article - September 1, 2005

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Feature Article

September 1, 2005

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Maberly Fair:Photos

(click photo for larger image)Mrs. PeePee, a poisonous 6 lb. Cane Toad, and her handler fromLittle Ray's Reptile Zoo at Maberly Fair. A13 lb. cane toad has been documented as having eaten a Chihuahua. If they have trouble swallowing, cane toads are able to dislocate their eye balls so they can better stuff food into their mouths. At Ray's Reptil Zoo there is a fine line between very, very cool and very, very gross.

(click photo for larger image)Highland Dancers took part in the Maberly Fair parade.

(click photo for larger image)Lois Webster promoted the Central Frontenac Railway Museum at the Maberly Fair last weekend.


(click photo for larger image)The horse pull was a popular event to watch at the Maberly Fair.

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