| Nov 24, 2005

Feature Article - November 24, 2005

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Feature Article

November 24, 2005

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Any Scott Reid sightings lately?

Editorial by JeffGreen

When Leona Dombrowsky was an opposition MPP she was a familiar figure at all sorts of events within the Land O’ Lakes region. When the Liberals won power in Queens Park, she was less visible in the riding for a time, but in the past year, particularly since she was shuffled to the Agriculture/Rural Affairs portfolio, she has been keeping a heavy schedule of commitments in this, the far corner of her riding. And there is every chance that she won’t be running in this riding next time around, as her home base of Tweed will become part of a different riding.


Scott Reid inherited Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Counties through riding redistribution during the federal election 18 months ago. He has lived up to his commitment to establish an office in Napanee, but sightings of Scott Reid in the Land o’ Lakes have been rare indeed. The last anyone heard, Reid’s Conservative Party remains in opposition, and the legislative schedule in Ottawa is not that heavy. The farthest point in the riding is still within about a two hour drive from Parliament Hill, but Scott Reid remains a Carleton Place-based politician, in spite of the occasional visit to Napanee and area. His seat is quite secure, but we have gotten used to seeing our Provincial representative quite often.

Mr. Reid could learn a thing or two about representing a riding from Ms. Dombrowsky. -JG

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