| Nov 10, 2005

Feature Article - November 10, 2005

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Feature Article

November 10, 2005

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Helen Forsey to represent NDP in upcoming federal election

by Jeff Green

Ompah resident Helen Forsey was selected as the nominee for the New Democratic Party for the next federal election at a meeting in Sharbot Lake last Sunday.

The nomination was contested by Forsey and Galad Elfandsson from Camden East in front of a spare crowd of party faithful.

Helen Forsey made reference to several issues in her nomination statement, including; rural revitalization, environmentally sound economics, universal health, social and cultural programs, independence from the United Sates and good government.


She has a background as a writer and a researcher, and recently worked for the National Farmers’ Union for several years. During the meeting she said that she would have work to do developing her familiarity with some issues, but she has a good understanding of both Agricultural and Environmental issues.

Politics is also in her blood, as her father Eugene was a controversial and well respected Senator for many years.

Helen Forsey has lived near Ompah for over 10 years, at the Lothlorien Rural Co-operative. She is a member of the local fire Department’s Emergency Frist Response team, a member of the Ompah Community choir, and sits on various boards and committees. She is the Woman’s representative on the local NDP riding Association executive.

The Green Party of Canada has also conducted a nomination meeting, and has chosen Mike Nickerson of the Smiths Falls area as its candidate. Incumbent MP Scott Reid will represent the Conservative Party whenever an election is called, Former municipal Councillor and Catholic School board Trustee, Irene Backholm from Amherstview, has declared the intention to contest the nomination for the Liberals, as has Robert Godkin of Odessa. The local riding Association is awaiting approval from the Liberal Party for a nomination meeting date.

With the volatile situation in Ottawa, an election could come as early as the darkest day of the year on December 21st, 2005 or as late as April Fool’s Day, 2006.

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