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Feature Article - December 8, 2005

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Feature Article

December 8, 2005

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South Frontenac to ask for Sydenham Water donations with tax bills

by Jeff Green

South Frontenac to ask for Sydenham Water donations with tax bills.

In what seems like an odd way to mount a fundraising campaign, South Frontenac Council has agreed to include a note with the first tax bills of 2006 asking all ratepayers in the township if they would like to donate towards mitigating the cost of the Sydenham Water Project for Sydenham residents.

The idea was put forward recently by Councillor Ron Vandewal.


Sydenham residents will be funding the municipal portion of the water project. Although costing is not finalised, residents could be facing costs of up to $10,000 or more as their share of the project costs, depending on the circumstances of their individual properties. Some township residents have taken the stance that ratepayers from throughout Loughborough District, or the township as a whole, should pay for the project.

Council has decided to give those people a chance to voluntarily donate.

At their meeting this week, Council deferred making a decision on how to distribute the money once it comes in.

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