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Feature Article - December 8, 2005

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Feature Article

December 8, 2005

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SouthTownship Council

by Wilma Kenny

Township Treasurer Praised

Council thanked Township Treasurer Debbie Bracken for her excellent bookkeeping, following the 2004 Audit Report. Auditor Desiree Kennedy reported that the financial statements were in good order, referring to the process as "a clean audit."

Cataraqui Trail


Council passed a motion donating the amount of the property taxes paid on the trail property back to the Cataraqui Trail Management for 2005 and 2006. Only Councillor Barr was opposed. The Trail Management Board praised the quality of the upgrading work done by the Township through a contribution from the Bedford District Recreation Committee. The bridges at both ends of Boyce’s Island have been improved, as well as the approaches to the Opinicon Road crossing.

Fines Established in Waste Management By-law

Putting out either garbage or recyclables before 6am on the day of collection, not putting the bag tag where it’s clearly visible, or failure to collect garbage and recycling receptacles from the curbside before 8pm are all offences which, if enforced, could cost $125. Failure to use bag tags, using phony bag tags, allowing waste to accumulate on private land, dumping garbage illegally, or interfering with any garbage set out for collection: any of these infractions could result in a $300 fine.

Central Fire Committee

Councillor Bill Robinson agreed to replace John Smith, who has just resigned as Portland district representative on the Central Fire Committee.

Winter Sand

Council approved the purchase of a further 2000 cubic yards off winter sand for the Township from the Keyes Pit, not to be hauled by the township trucks, which already have their plows on. Several Councillors commented on the fact that this was the second year in a row the township has come up short on sand.

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