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Feature Article - December 1, 2005

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Feature Article

December 1, 2005

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Few hands make light work:NorthFrontenac Council, November 24, 2005

by Jeff Green

Mayor Ron Maguire and Councillor Dave Smith were both absent from last week’s North Frontenac Council meeting, and the vacancy left by departing Councillor Will Cybulski has not yet been filled. Deputy Mayor Gleva Lemke presided over a meeting attended by three councillors, and instead of running from two to three hours in open session as most North Frontenac Council meetings do, this one was all over in 45 minutes. But several items were deferred until the next meeting.


Kash Lake residents concerned about their shoreline: James Credicott appeared before Council to ask if the township has jurisdiction over the shoreline in front of their cottage. The Credicotts are having problems with their neighbours, claiming the neighbours have been removing rocks from the shoreline in front of their cottage to use for the crib of a new dock the neighbours have constructed in front of their own property. The Credicotts came to Council because it is the township that owns the water and everything that is underneath the water. The situation is complicated by the fact that the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority have jurisdiction over watersheds, and removing rocks can affect wildlife habitat. The township will contact the MNR and MVCA to clarify jurisdiction in this matter. Meanwhile the Credicottts are considering legal action.

Community Policing Advisory Committee – Early this year, Council considered changing their relationship with the Ontario Provincial Police and establishing a formal contract, which would have enabled the township, through a Police Services board, to more directly determine the level of policing within North Frontenac. The cost was prohibitive, however, and the decision was taken to maintain the current relationship, which is known as status quo policing.

To improve communication with members of the police forces, the township has established a Community Policing Advisory Committee, and the committee was constituted at this Council meeting. Members include: Jim Wilson (community member), Councillor Bud Clayton, Constable Helen Lamont (Kaladar OPP Detachment) and Constable Carl Wagar (Sharbot Lake OPP Detachment)

Truck purchase deferred – Clerk/Treasurer Cheryl Robson brought forth a proposal to purchase a used pickup truck for use by the newly hired Foreman for the Public Works Department. The vehicle was a 1993 F250 Diesel Pickup, with a 7 1/2 foot snow plow attached, from Bence Motors. The cost is $9,000. Councillors had questions about the use of the snow plow, which Robson said could be used on other trucks owned by the township. With so few Concillors in attendance, it was suggested the purchase be deferred until the December meeting. Robson informed Council that this particular vehicle will not likely be available. Nonetheless, Council decided not to proceed with the purchase at this meeting. “There are other pickups available,” said Councillor Bud Clayton.

Ten-year Capital Budget Plan to cost $15,000 - $16,000 Council considered a proposal from their auditors, KPMG, to prepare the financial reporting groundwork for the development of a Ten-Year Capital budgeting plan and multiple year operating budgets from North Frontenac. The cost is between $15,000 and $16,000. It is proposed that the 2006 township budget be approved by the end of February. The 2005 budget was approved this past July.

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