| Jul 03, 2019

What’s a Repair Cafe? It’s a free meeting place where folks who have a broken item meet with ‘fixers’ who will help them repair it. It’s friendly, fun and free.

The original repair cafe was started by Martine Postma in Amsterdam ten years ago. She wanted to cut down on the amount of waste we produce in our society. We often throw away items that might be fixable because we don’t have the skills or lack the proper tools.

Repair cafes connect people who have broken items with volunteers who have the tools and experience to help fix them. An unravelled seam or hem, a missing button, or a sock with a hole in the heel? Sewing machine no longer works the way it used to? Electrical appliance with a frayed cord, a jammed part? DVD player or record turntable not working? A chair that’s coming apart? A bicycle that doesn’t work the way it should? Damaged crockery, toys, jewelry, etc? Wonder whether grandmother’s oil lamp could still be used? Bring it to the Repair Cafe Frontenac and learn to fix it with the help of an experienced volunteer who will work with you. There is no charge for the repair, the coffee or the cookies.

On Sunday June 2, Bellrock Hall hosted Frontenac’s second Repair Cafe. Fixers were there to help repair sewing machines or electronics, do clothing repairs both by hand or machine, repair bicycles. Seven items were fixed, and some folks from Tamworth are planning to go home and start their own Repair cafe.

Every fourth Sunday of a month from 2-4:30 Repair Cafe Frontenac will be held a church or community hall in Frontenac County. On July 28, it will come Ompah: check on Facebook, or watch for posters for location details.

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