| Jun 19, 2019

Rezoning in Loughborough District

Township Planner Trudy Gravel opened a public meeting concerning a property at the intersection of Eel Bay Road and Charlie Green Road, on Eel Bay of Sydenham Lake. The proposal is to rezone a narrow waterfront property from resort commercial to special waterfront residential and replace three small cottages, a dock and a private but commonly used boat launch site with a single detached dwelling, a shed, a garage, and two docks.

Currently the site is described as “heavily culturally impacted” with an eroding shoreline, beside a Provincially significant wetland.

Gravel’s report states that the redevelopment of this site as proposed with greater setback distances will not have an environmental impact on the water quality of Eel Bay nor on the wetland (marsh) located near the southern portion of the property.

“The proposal provides an opportunity to reestablish (renaturalize) the shoreline vegetation that will both improve the habitat for wildlife species as well as provide stability and prevent erosion in the foreslope areas.” The boat launch will no longer be open to the public.

The only comment from the public was from neighbour David Plumpton, who was fully in support, saying that the heavy public use of this private boat launch in the past has led to overuse, noise, rowdiness, and littering.

Councillor Sutherland questioned allowing two docks, but the owner, Simon Clarke, said the second, smaller dock was in a location where he could back his boat down to the water for launching. (The main dock is down a steep slope which is currently being stabilized.)

Council approved the rezoning by-law.

Dogs Barking: A Noise Bylaw Issue?

In response to complaints from Harold and Lynn Snider about the noise of barking dogs believed to be originating from neighbouring Ben Acres Kennels, Councillor Revill brought a motion that the noise levels at the Snider property should be professionally measured. CAO Orr estimated that fees for such a measurement would be between $1,500 and $2,000 and still would not prove whether or not a township bylaw has been breached, as the bylaws do not reference decibel levels, using only the broad, subjective term “nuisance.”

Council defeated the motion, instead choosing to direct staff to work with development services to draft a bylaw update, perhaps one which would exempt dog kennels. (This is the only complaint about barking that Council has received in the past three years, and no other neighbours have complained: In most cases this type of matter is resolved between neighbours.)

Recreation Committee Restructuring

Council considered a three-part motion that: 1) Council strike a “Recreation and Leisure Facilities Committee” and a “Community Programming & Events Committee” 2) that this structure be put in place for a trial period of 12 months from the date of committee appointments, and 3) that staff be directed to actively advertise for committee appointments to these committees with a deadline of July 19th .

Councillor Norm Roberts made an amendment that a specific date (September 30, 2020) be chosen for the review of the trial period, and Deputy Mayor Sleeth seconded it. Council passed the amended motion unanimously. Sleeth complimented Recreation Supervisor Tim Laprade on his excellent and detailed report which made this possible.

Sleeth also noted a recent example of local volunteer work: in order to bring the Storrington Centre kitchen up to commercial standards, volunteer Rebecca Smith raised the funds to buy a commercial stove by canvassing hall users and potential users.

Morgan Subdivision Update

Following a site visit and staff review of the Sydenham Valleyview (Morgan) Subdivision agreement, Director of Development Services, Claire Dodds reported that “it is staff’s opinion that the paving of driveways and any outstanding seeding/sodding is a matter that is best addressed between the developer and property owners to come to an agreement to complete the outstanding site work without direct involvement from the Township.”

Lot drainage and grading is at various stages throughout the subdivision, and RKR Landholders is responsible for completing work on the road and sidewalk between Rutledge Road and the communal mailboxes before the final approval can be issued. Dodds attributed some of the problems in communications as having occurred as a result of staff changes during the subdivision’s development.

Rideau Waterway Monitoring

Deputy Mayor Sleeth reported on a meeting between the Cataraqui Conservation Authority, Queen’s, the Ministry of the Environment (and other related groups) that addressed this summer’s plans to monitor the water quality of the Rideau and connected tributaries. The water off Gilmour’s point in Dog Lake is currently being tested.


“If you want it to happen, do it!” Volunteer Award recipient Alvin Wood.

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