May 29, 2019

Kim Allan loves music and baseball and she likes a good party as well.

She owns the Little Texas Roadhouse Bar and Grill on Days Road in Kingston. She lives in between Sydenham and Inverary with her husband and three children, and they all play ball at the Keeley Road Park and at Ken Garrett Park in Inverary.

“Ken Garrett Park desperately needs new washrooms and septic improvements. And I realised that only a fundraising campaign could raise the kind of money that is needed to make this happen, but the Inverary Youth Group who run the park are all volunteers, and no one has the time to raise that kind of money. I don’t either but I do love ball tournaments and outdoor festivals, so here we are,” Kim Allan said, in a phone interview early this week.

This weekend at Ken Garrett Park there will be a ball tournament on Saturday for pick up teams and another one on Sunday for league teams, like many other weekends during the summer. But unlike any other weekend, there will also be a music festival, at the other end of the park at the small diamond.

The event, which is called the Three Pitch, Three Chords Spring Fling is bringing together a host of bands who play at the Little Texas Grill for a two-day festival of country and rock music in the park.

The bands are all playing for free, and the sound system and staffing has been donated by Little Texas, so all of the $35 weekend pass revenue is going to the washroom renovation project.

Saturday is country day at the festival. Saturday performers include: Courtney Kane and June Nixion, A Night with Elvis, the White Brothers, Chelsea Road, Pickett Fences, Porch Pilots, Clem Chesterfield, Old Habits, Lane Duke, and Hicktown. The music runs from 11am -8pm on Saturday.

The Sunday concert, which also starts at 11am but ends at 5pm, features: Texas Tuxedo, Jordy Jackson Band, Ice Gods, Rudy & Saddle Up, Knuckel Hed, Hicktown, and Richard Cranium.

In addition to the music, the park is licensed for the weekend and beer will be available for purchase, there will be a kids zone, vendors, three food trucks and a portable ATM machine available as well.

“The volunteers have been working hard this week to make sure the grass is cut and the park is completely clean. It’s been a lot of running around and getting things organised, but the response so far has been excellent. We have sold a lot of tickets at the bar, and we hope people will come out and buy tickets at the gate. Most music festivals cost at least $35 for the day so the price is right and all the money is going to the cause,” she said.

For information or advanced tickets go to and type in Inverary 3 Chords. Tickets will also be available at the gate.

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