| May 15, 2019

“Get out and do things with little ones,” said United Way representative Kim Hockey last Thursday at the South Frontenac garage on Keeley Road. “You don’t have to save for a trip to Disneyland every day.

“Take the time and make the moment matter.”

“It might even kick start a career,” said Tim Hockey.

The event, Touch the Truck, is part of the United Way’s Success By Six program and features trucks and equipment assembled together from South Frontenac Township, Frontenac OPP, South Frontenac Fire & Rescue and Frontenac Paramedic Services. The idea is for parents and grandparents to bring their little ones out to climb into cabs, and see just what all these big vehicles do.

It’s also family time in disguise.

“It shows the importance of early years,” Dickey said. “United Way has more than 120 activities throughout KFL&A but you don’t necessarily have to have an organized event for people to spend time together.

“It could be just having dinner together, reading a story or taking a walk.”

But this was an event and one that accomplished more than one goal. Getting together as families and a community is one of them, but it’s also a chance to let people see and hear about the various organizations at work in that community.

“Each of these organizations and vehicles play a huge role in our day to day lives,” said South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vandewal. “The support they provide to our community each and every day is outstanding.”

And it’s fun. That was plain to see on the faces of the kids, parents, grandparents and even on the firefighters, police officers and Township workers demonstrating equipment and explaining how it works.

In other words, the organization workers seemed to be having as much fun as the people who came out to see their gear.

Paramedic Lyanne Dickie had a huge smile on her face as she showed kids where things are stored in her ambulance.

“This is my first event of this type,” she said. “I’m really enjoying it.

“There are a lot more kids than I expected and the energy is vibrating off them.”

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