May 08, 2019

Nona Mariotti started up the South Frontenac Garden Tour last year as a kind of experiment.

Would gardeners be willing to open up their gardens for people to come and see? Would people want to come out to see the beautiful gardens.

The answer to all those questions was a resounding yes, and so the second annual garden tour is now in the planning stages. 7 gardens are already lined up for this year, including some new ones, and Nona is looking for four or five more to make the tour bigger than the one last year.

“People aren’t going to visit 12 gardens in one day, but they do like variety and they also like to explore different geography,” Nona said.

She is particularly interested in attracting some gardens in the Perth Road and Buck Lake regions to add a different dimension to the tour.

“We have some wonderful places in the North Kingston – Inverary areas, one in Battersea, and over in Sydenham and up towards Frontenac Park, and we are still looking for more in those regions, but we would like to go further north on Perth Road as well,” she said.

The tour is scheduled for July 7 from 9m to 3pm and it is only the grounds of properties that are part of the tour, not the houses themselves.

“Last year it was a great experience for the visitors and hosts alike, a chance to share information and the joy of gardens. We keep the price to the public low, only $10, and all of the proceeds go to Southern Frontenac Community Services,” she said.

If you have a garden to share, contact Nona at 613- 893-2015

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