Ontario Provincial Police | Dec 19, 2018

(BATTERSEA, ON) - On the 10th of December, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Frontenac Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) attended an address in the Battersea area for a break and enter to a garage.

The vehicle owner was away for the weekend and parked at the Hwy 15 car park in Kingston. The vehicle was broken into and the automatic garage door opener remote was stolen. The home owner's garage was opened by the remote and a generator was stolen.

The OPP would like to remind home owners that it is best not to keep an automatic garage door opener remote in a vehicle as most drivers have an insurance and vehicle ownership card in their vehicle that has the home address. With your address and garage door remote, your home can be entered and valuables taken before you leave where you are shopping. 

Some precautions to consider:

Carry the remote in a purse or a pocket.

If the remote is stolen, disable and then reprogram other remotes by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

If you are unsure about reprogramming, unplug the garage door opener and manually open and close the door. You will need to pull the emergency release cord (generally red) to disconnect the door from the track.

You will need to reengage the original lock in the garage door handle to secure the door if operating it manually. Or install a lock on the garage door, usually at the height of the second panel.

Contact the manufacturer for help with the remote.

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