| Sep 12, 2018

The Harrowsmith corner project has brought a horse-and-buggy intersection into the 21st century, turning a confusing and dangerous tangle of roadways featuring a derelict building into an attractive focal point for the hamlet. Once fully adjusted, the stoplight on road 38 will be triggered by traffic from Wilton Road or people needing to cross, making the corner much safer for both traffic and pedestrians. Grassy park spaces have been created; their enhancement with donations of sculpture, flagpole, benches and flowers accomplished through the hard work and networking of Crawford and the beautification committee. Many local residents were on hand for the opening last Friday evening, and celebrated with free ice cream cones.

Metal Worker Rick Law designed, executed and donated a sculpture (see photo - right) recognizing the history of the two railways through Harrowsmith. By incorporating a couple of railroad spikes into the sculpture, Law makes a pun on the hamlet’s original name of Spike’s Corners. (Named for a founding family.)  

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