| Sep 12, 2018

Josh Suppan and Jen Valberg are the new kids on the block with their Fat Chance Farmstead on Road 38 south of Harrowsmith.

So they were very pleased with the number of neighbours who dropped in during the Open Farms In Frontenac event Sunday.

“We just moved here,” Valberg said. “We were renting fields in Inverary for five years before this.

“This is a great chance to meet the neighbours.”

They were really into the event, setting up a photo booth for visitors, running a “guess the name of the farm implement” contest to win a food box, and of course the huge pile of sand that was a big hit with the kids.

The farm is a certified organic fruits and vegetables operation. From June to October, they run a vegetable box program and have averaged 50-60 subscribers per year. This year, they have 56.

“We kind of do every veggie under the sun, “Valberg, who comes from the east of Kingston, said. “I love showing people what we do and where their food comes from.

“That’s an important part of what we do.”

They’re heavily into garlic, producing eight varieties. She said they participate in the many garlic festivals around these days.

But aside from the food boxes and garlic shows, perhaps their biggest focus is on strawberries.

“John Wise, of Wise Acres, is retiring and passing the U-pick banner to us,” she said. “That will be set up for next year.

“We’ve found a day-neutral variety of organic strawberry that’s not sensitive to the amount of daylight available and so we can grow them from June to October.”

Suppan, who’s originally from the Niagara region is also optimistic about the future of their operation. He’s especially pleased to finally own the land they work.

“It’s a lot easier than renting,” he said.

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