| Nov 22, 2017

You know Christmas is coming when you can smell a variety of flavours coming out of the Grace Centre in Sydenham on a Saturday afternoon in late November.

And this year is no exception as Leslie Reade and Josey Steel once again organized Vision Soup, a community fundraiser which is a joint project for the Christmas Food Basket, Loughborough Emergency Relief Fun and Southern Frontenac Community Services.

This year was the 12th annual and very little has changed from the first one Reade and Steel organized.

For $20, you choose a handmade bowl donated by local potters and fill it with a variety of soups. When you’ve had your fill, you get to keep the bowl.

“Well, the one thing that’s changed a little is that I think we get a little more support every year,” said Reade. “I think this is the most variety of soups we’ve had, 21, everything from spicy Thai soup to chicken Noodle (and in between there were things like Italian wedding and coconut curry lentil).”

The weather wasn’t especially great but there was a lineup into the parking lot when the doors opened and every seat was filled within minutes.

“People are such good sports,” Reade said. “No, it’s not a nice day but we appreciate everyone coming out, including the volunteers, who are mostly friends and family.”

Reade said this is a strong community but there are some who need a little help at Christmas time.

“That’s why we started this in the first place,” she said. “And we’re very thankful for the community’s support.”

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