| Aug 29, 2018

After hearing from a delegation concerning the infestation of Eurasian milfoil on Malcolm Lake, North Frontenac Council passed a number of bylaws and resolutions at its regular meeting last Friday in Plevna.

First up was changes to its Fees and Charges Bylaw and Building Bylaw to reflect a new fee structure recommended by the building department.

The new fees are intended to recognize different types of construction including unique projects and the conjecture is that more than 50 per cent of new permits will feature lower costs and thus encourage reporting of smaller projects. The new bylaws also include provisions to allow residents to protest their fees and request an audit of costs involved when there is a disagreement.

Council also passed changes to speed limits within the Township reducing the limit to 60 kph in the Hamlets of Coxvale, Mississippi Station and Fernleigh. Limits were reduced to 50 kph in the Hamlet of Harlowe and parts of the Hamlets of Ompah (from 0.4 km west of Canonto Road west fro 1.2 km) and Ardoch (from 1.2 km from the west Hamlet boundary to the Smith Road) and to 40 kph in parts of the Hamlets of Plevna (Road 506 from the Village Sign to a point 500 metres east of Mountain Road on Road 509) and Ompah (commencing 0.3 km west of West Palmerston Drive easterly for 1 km).

Council had planned to pass a resolution on draft energy policy but decided to wait until the Province’s new policies on the Green Energy Act are more well-defined.

Council did pass an agreement with Central Frontenac Township regarding building department services.

Finally, Council defeated a resolution to ask County Council for $2,500 in additional funding for a feasibility study for a seniors housing project in North Frontenac (total cost $7,500 + HST). The additional funds would be earmarked for stay-at-options.

“Let’s just get the bricks and mortar assessment option done and then work at stay-at-home,” said Coun. John Inglis. “There’s already $5,000 approved for that.”


• • •

In his report on the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Mayor Ron Higgins was optimistic that there could be progress on the business education tax gap, whereby businesses in some municipalities pay more than other municipalities.

“(Ontario Finance Minister) Vic Fedeli said he hadn’t even heard of it, so he’ll look into it,” Higgins said.

Higgins said he met with several Provincial ministers and departments and said things look promising for more broadband/cell phone coverage, possible stumpage fees on Crown Lands and the potential for wetlands to be classified as Township assets and used for flood control.

“That (wetlands as Township assets) could end up costing us,” said Coun. Wayne Good.


• • •

Council accepted the donation of a telescope from Lisa Goos, to be used at Star Pad events.

“It will be stored and brought out for events,” said manager of community development Corey Klatt. “A member of the economic development task force is at each event.”


• • •

Council approved a “one-time discount” for the By-Town Motorcycle Association to use a part of a Township access road for its Calabogie Boogie event. The group discount amounts to 30 per cent meaning the cost will be $8.75 per user.

“This is a one-time experiment,” said Mayor Ron Higgins. “So advise your users not to tear up the roads.”

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