Leo Ladouceur | Aug 07, 2019

Let's admit that it is not true that "this Council always gathers the facts, data and information so that they make informed decisions".  Citizens know better and so do you!  But now is a perfect time for you and the Old Guard on Council to actually start listening. 

It would appear from discussions to date that the Seniors Affordable Housing Project will end up in Ward 1.  Of course the Mayor and current Ward 1 Council incumbents are backing that idea since almost all their prospective voters live there.   Mind you that's also where residents showed little or no interest in either Seniors Affordable Housing or the Survey that was meant to provide the Mayor and Council the facts, data and information they needed.  It's also the only ward where most seniors don't even need subsidized rent. Affordable Housing in Ward 1 --  does it sound right? 

Most of your Seniors who hope to remain as permanent NF residents already have a home or designated accommodation available.  They have said they don't need, don't want and can't afford Seniors Affordable Housing.  That leaves you with the task of lobbying your political cronies at County and the Province to provide desperately needed funding for the Home Care and Health Services we should already be getting.   Get us the help we need to stay in the homes we are already in.

Listen this time to what your citizens say. Don't pile upon us more debt plus ongoing management and maintenance  costs.  It would be nice instead if you could work at getting us the services and support we actually need. Even Ward 1 did not ask for a useless, empty Township Edifice.  Let real estate developers and private businesses build buildings. 

As our representatives why are you bending to the dictates of County and building something we don't want?  Stand up for what NF needs and dare to do what is right.  Say no thank you to their so-called gift. 

Don't be fooled by what the Mayor says.  Amongst all Eastern Ontario Townships his Council is not even close to the top of the class.  Managing NF by being blind and deaf to voters' real needs gets you a failing grade.  Stop earning it.
Please listen, hear us and help us. 
Leo Ladouceur

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