Herbert Kent | Jul 10, 2019

This is in reference to Mayor Higgins’ letter  of June 27 to the Frontenac News.

Really? whose fake news is it? The newspaper or the Mayor?

It is not entirely his fault as he is encouraged on what to do and say within his role as mayor.

It would be a refreshing change if both council and mayor removed their collective heads out of the sand for a reality check. We do not live downtown Toronto and we should not have to adopt all bylaws.

It is interesting to sit in Council meetings and see thousands of dollars frittering away, for example;

- $7200 for an engineer to design bathroom facilities at Snow Road station;

- Proposed construction costs of $200 per square foot (ludacris) for a proposed senior citizen motel room

- Continuously passing by law after bylaw: for waterfront lots - cottages have to be 300 feet back but neglecting to inform mother nature not to dump trees in Buckshot creek therefore backing up water and causing flooding in the village;

- Maintaining environmental concern by passing no smoking by laws on municipal property, meanwhile two firetrucks running continuously around the clock spewing fumes into the atmosphere while 4 responders stood by;

- Lastly instead of using nature to clean up a problem we use chemicals and compound it.


Herbert Kent

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