Apr 17, 2019

Please send me the forms to apply for a climate action grant for our recent purchase of a new refrigerator for our home. Be assured we purchased it for the sole purpose of saving our planet from the ravages of global warming. Our new fridge will allow us to stock up on food, since the carbon tax has impacted our travel to Renfrew to shop for the necessities of life. I would like to apply for the same grant as Gaelen Weston of Loblaws, so please send me those forms.

We are retired rural Canadian Seniors who, although we worked hard, raised a family, & paid taxes all our lives, were not able to amass the $$$ billions that Gaelen Weston has. I hope this does not disqualify us from this Government Corporate welfare handout.

If our application is successful, you can tell your Corporate friend Mr. Weston that we will promise to use this government welfare to buy & store only Loblaws bread in our new climate action fridge, at whatever price he fixes it at. You can also assure Mr. Weston that if Loblaws is fined for tax evasion (no Trudeau DPA?) his $ will go to a good cause through the trickle- down effect to our new climate action fridge. I trust this pandering to your friend Mr. Weston will help our application.

I look forward to seeing you at the ballot box in October.



Garnet Wilkes

Griffith Ontario

K0J 2R0

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