Greg Morris | Oct 10, 2018

The writer of last weeks cannabis editorial seems to be equating cannabis with candy bars, sugary drinks, gasoline, chips, beer & wine. I actually don't believe in over government in many things. Although I choose to wear a bicycle helmet & always wear my atv helmet,  I don't see why other adults should be forced to if they aren't interested in their own safety.

But texting, hand held cell phoning,& hurtling down the highway are examples of things that need to be policed as they hurt & kill others. When people go the the public beach in Sharbot Lake & partake in chips, sugary drinks & the like, they are only hurting themselves. In fact even one beer or glass of wine would hurt no around them, but would be illegal. Have that same person light up a joint, a cigarette, or vape & they are now intrusive & fouling the air with the toxins from "their addiction". I can't imagine why cannabis laws wouldn't be much stricter than tobacco, as not only are the fumes toxic, the user is getting stoned.

As for onerous tobacco laws  in Central Frontenac, I would suggest that outdoors they are not onerous at all. I often see the beach packed with children & adults with the air foul from the stench of tobacco from just a couple of smokers. One place where the rules are strict is on school property, but after hours no one seems to police that area.

If you think our tobacco laws are tough, try living in Iowa where roadside rest stops are basically totally restricted inside & outside. The only place you can smoke at the rest stops is in your car with the windows securely shut.

Greg Morris

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