Mar 27, 2019

Frontenac County is paying $180,000 to purchase the Parham Ambulance, a facility it has been leasing ever since taking on land ambulance in 2004. A property appraisal by Rivington Associates pegged the value of the building at $205,000 and a building condition assessment report determined that a seepage problem in to the basement of the building will cost $25,000 to repair.

The building’s owner, Dave Gemmill, owned the Parham Ambulance Service when it was taken over by Frontenac County and later worked as Deputy Chief of Paramedic Services for Frontenac County. He has agreed to the $180,000 purchase price.

The money for the purchase is being taken from the county asset replacement reserve fund, to be paid back through annual installments over the 20-year expected life span of the building.

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