| Aug 14, 2019

“A common definition of community is when a group of people with diverse characteristics, who are linked by social ties, who share common perspectives, engage in joint activities making our communities a better place to live. This is what we have going on here today, and we are proud and thankful for those who donate their time and ideas to add to the spirit of Arden.”

Those are the words of Central Frontenac Town Crier Paddy O’Connor in his dedication for the opening of the second annual Arden Family Field Day Saturday at the Ball Park in Arden.

And, O’Connor’s words seemed to sum up what organizer Jordan Chatwin wanted to do with this event.

“Compared to last year, we wanted to expand,” Chatwin said. “We added vendors, a parade, live music (Derek and daughter Cayleigh Matson).

“I think we hit all our markers.”

This year, the parade marked a return of something Arden hasn’t seen in quite awhile.

While nobody could remember exactly when the last parade in Arden was, Glen Matson offered this: “Not sure when it was but Dorothy Gaylord was reeve and (Bill) Vankoughnet was the member.

“They sat in this very same wagon.”

“This (field day) is just for community spirit,” Chatwin said. “It’s a beautiful place, beautiful people (and) when we get together, we can do beautiful things.

“No one’s getting paid and the scope of it is — the sky’s the limit.”

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