by Jeff Green (with expert Zombie info provided by Pete Nilson and Scott Cox) | Jul 17, 2019

On a still, hot summer day in Sharbot Lake, not a creature was stirring … but then came a slow thumpity thud, followed by a pause, followed by another thump, then two thumpity thuds … the zombies had appeared.

They congregated by the old Sharbot Lake Public School, drawn by the odour of decay, mold and asbestos. They did their best to scratch their way into the building before departing for the Zealand Cemetery seeking to bring some more recruits to their midst. Rumour has it that they then congregated in Clarendon, at Unusual Acres, where they gathered at sunset amidst the deer flies and a fierce lightning storm, before heading north to the ghost town of Robertsville where they will remain hidden until October.

They will be back then, with more recruits, gathered from the historic graveyards ‘north of 7’ for the 1st annual Sharbot Lake Zombie walk on October 26, presented by Unusual Acres and the Oso Recreation Committee.

Zombies from far and wide will gather in Sharbot Lake on that gloomy Saturday.

More details about the walk will be available soon. Check the Facebook page, Undead in Frontenac for all the details and more photos.

For those who fear zombie attacks, and who doesn’t, one resident expert pointed out that zombies are dead, so they are neither more agile nor more intelligent than they were when they were alive.

Look to these pages in October for the 3 steps to survive a zombie attack. The watch words are Avoidance, Termination, and Disposal – and always remember never to incinerate a zombie, it releases air borne toxins which spread infection.

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