Jun 12, 2019

Most Ardenites are aware that the outdoor rink, here in Arden, at the Community Centre is slated to be demolished this fall. In order to replace our outdoor facility, fundraising efforts have been underway since March of this year, beginning with a Skate-a-thon.


This month, in co ordination with some volunteer Firefighters, the Kennebec Recreation Committee will be hosting a Trivia Night, Friday June 21, at the Community Centre.


Teams of 8 to 10 will compete for bragging rights and the title of the team with “The Most Trivia Knowledge”. The first-place team will also be reimbursed their $10.00 entrance fee.


Helping out with their contribution to the cause will be Jossy’s Chill and Grill, east of Arden in Sharbot Lake, and Gala Pit Stop, west of Arden in Kaladar.


Rachael Scott is in her 3rd year of operation, keeping the original name and a lot of the well-established favourites. She has added her own special flair to the menu, selling gluten-free products as well as the popular “Frontenac Burger” which is almost as big as the County.


New to Arden is Gala Pit Stop’s owners Sylvain Bertrand and his partner Lynn (along with the kids participating as well). Purchasing a home in Arden in 2017 and working tirelessly on the renovations, they decided this spring to put all of their past experience in the hospitality industry to work. They bought a Chip truck in Kaladar, on Highway 7, renovated it and renamed it the Gala Pit Stop. Holding true to the regular menu, they also offer gluten-free products. Sylvain’s passion, though, is poutine - and they offer various sizes and different flavours of cheese. But get the Basic Poutine and you will be very pleased, because it is the most popular.


The Kennebec Rec Committee and the volunteer Fighters would like to thank both Rachael and Sylvain for their support and generous donations.


Talk to your friends and neighbours and form a team. Call me at 335-3186 or talk to any member of the Rec. Committee for tickets. There are lots of door prizes and a canteen with beer, pop, coffee and tea. Come on out, have a lot of fun and support an extremely important fundraising project in our village. We thank you in advance for all of your continued support and stay tuned for our next fundraising adventure.

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